6/26/19: Residential Heat Pump Install:
Morgan came this morning, finished the installation, and reviewed the operation and maintenance of the unit…
Morgan was outstanding – thorough, organized, and great at explaining the unit.
Best wishes,”
Neal Wolkoff
2/05/19: Residential Heat Pump Install:
“Btw your guys are amazing.
Thank you,”
– Lori Weinreich
1/10/19: Residential Boiler Replacement:
“Please tell Greg and Shawn that it’s nice to have consistent heat in the radiant floors. The boiler works way better than the Buderus ever did.
Many thanks,”
– Dr. James Russell
11/19/18: Residential HVAC Service:
“Thank you for the wonderful service, Chris is such a good man and does good work!
– Louise Dell
11/06/18: Commercial Refrigeration:
“Dear Greg,
We wanted to just say thank you for all you have done to keep our freezer in order at the Arlington Food Shelf. You have certainly gone above and beyond for us and we are so grateful. Thank you x 100!!”
– Bill & Judy Bryan – Arlington Food Shelf
9/24/18: Residential HVAC Install:
“We were very impressed with Morgan and Parker. So nice. And efficient.”
– Tory
8/20/18: Residential HVAC Install:
“Hi Greg, just wanted to thank you & the guys that worked on our place. They were so professional & knowledgable. They were great.”
– Michelle Weinstein
8/06/18: Commercial Refrigeration Service:
“Don’t think we could do ‘this’ (growing food for our community) without your help. Thank you”
-Scout & family  (Someday Farm)
7/26/18: Residential Thermostat Install:
“Greg, I just wanted to let you know you have a great team. The techs professionally installed the Nest yesterday. Efficient, professional, and left the place better than when they arrived.
Jay H Sandak”
7/09/18: Residential Plumbing Install:
Great work,”
– John Woodruff
6/15/18: Residential HVAC Service:
Your guys were great.
Thank you,”
-Walter & Judith Barrows
5/15/18: Residential HVAC Service:
“Dear GSK Climate Control, Inc.,
I thank Chris for his Sunday house call on March 18, 2018 in which I was concerned by basement heater noises. Chris went right to work, cleaned many systems, and reassured me that his maintenance would solve the problem. I feel well-cared for by GSK Climate Control, Inc. My husband, Gerrit chose well, years ago, for the security of having responsible people to care for the safety of our home. 
I thank you for your years of service,”
-Ellen Kouwenhoven
3/21/18: Residential Plumbing Install:
“Thank you to Kyle & Kevin”
-Bobby Waughton
3/15/18: Residential Plumbing Service (frozen pipes):
“Thank you for GREAT service”
-Michael Lawler
2/07/18: Residential HVAC Service:
“Hi Greg,
This morning we had an issue with the heat in the house. I blew it off as just an old house issue. Tyge was here and said he’d fix it. A dirty filter was the culprit. Your guys are FABULOUS and I had another lesson about heating and cooling.
I’m sure you know it, but Tyge is terrific.
– Rick Anderson”
1/30/18: Residential HVAC Service:
Hey Chris,
I want to thank you for your help on Friday – Jan 19. I had family who were staying at my house and our propane had run out. I called GSK when they told me they had no heat, and you immediately called them back and directed them to the propane issue. That was the problem but I appreciate how quickly you got back and helped them out since I wasn’t there. Greatly appreciated on my end and thank you,
-Rich Grebe
11/22/17: Residential Plumbing Service:
Thanks for the quick AND excellent service. Tyge did a great job and worked very diligently. Posted a picture and mentioned GSK to my friends.
-Robin Verner”
11/21/17: Residential HVAC Install:
Morgan did a great job; I’m sure you know what a wonderful & accomplished employee he is!
Thank you,
Elaine Ross”
11/16/17: Residential HVAC Service:
“Hi Greg,
Thanks for getting us going so quickly yesterday, everything is working great. I love the new hot water set up, it works just as we planned.
I also wanted to mention what nice people you hire, all the fellas that you have sent our way have been such nice people. I have run a business for over 40 years and I know how hard it can be to get good people, you seem to have done it.
-Rob S.”
11/15/17: Residential HVAC Install:
“Hi Greg,
Everyday I meet more of your team I become more impressed by your company. Your guys are really great!
-Rick Anderson”
10/30/17: Residential HVAC Install: 
“Hey Greg,
I just walked in the door after a 3000 mile drive and everything looks FANTASTIC! I sent Dana a quick text, but please tell your entire team that they did a great job and the place is SPOTLESS! They did such a thorough job cleaning up after themselves, that I could not tell they had even been there, other than all the excellent new systems in place.
Your guys are awesome and they are to be commended for such a neat and organized installation. The only thing left (I believe) is an outside intake air vent which I will discuss with Dana tomorrow. Once he gives me the specs, I will have Kevin run the vent.
Again, many thanks Greg for all the great work you and your team have done to make my little home that much better.”
-Andy DeVries 
9/7/17: Commercial Plumbing Service:
“Totally wish I could’ve gotten a picture of Chris fixing a bathtub last night/this morning with the bride still in her wedding dress! He’s pretty amazing and much appreciated by us all”
– Inn at Manchester
7/27/17: Residential Heat Pumps Install:
Thanks for your patience working with our change in order on heat pump install… Morgan is an exceptional worker. Technically skilled, very personable, capable of making on the spot decisions and, as you mentioned, meticulous and clean. He reflects well on your business.
It’s been a pleasure doing business with your company,
James Russel, MD”
7/18/17: Residential HVAC & Plumbing Install & Service:
“Wow! I hope you know how grateful I am for your company and staff.
Thank you,
Carson Thurber”
7/05/17: Residential Water Heater Install:
Hello Greg,
I just wanted to let you know we received our $500 rebate. The system is working well including when our two granddaughters and their parents plus one boyfriend plus their pet rabbit were over here for Memorial Day weekend. We, not once, ran out of hot water. Of course, the rabbit didn’t take any showers. Thank you and your men for a good job.
Al Drasheff
6/14/17: Residential Air Conditioning Install:
“A shout out to all the folks at GSK for the great service we recieved with with the Daikin AC unit. Great job! A special thanks to Morgan, our installer/technician for working with us in replacing the unit, and his overall professionalism. 
Thank you,
Mary-Ellen Fisher”
1/03/17: Residential Heating & Air Conditioning:
This may come a bit late, but we have been meaning to let you know how pleased we were with your service and installation.
Thank you,
12/28/16: Residential Boiler Install:
Hi Greg,
“The boiler is working well. The amazing thing to me is the dedication of your staff… they not only worked non-stop but they did excellent installation work.
Many thanks and warm regards,”
12/01/16: Residential plumbing service:
“Thanks GSK for your timely & efficient attention. Thanks Mark for a great job!”
Peter & Mary H.
11/28/16: Residential Service:
“Just a quick note to thank your team for the amazing service and help this morning when we woke up to no heat! It was such a relief to reach you right away (still before 8 AM) and then to have Chris show up within just a few minutes, and to have him solve the problem and fix everything so before I knew it the heat was on again.
Warmest gratitude. So good to have you folks to rely on –“
9/26/16: Commercial Service:
“Thank you – couldn’t do this feeding community without your expertise, cheers!” – Someday Farm
9/23/16: Residential service & install:
“Just a quick note to thank you and your team once again for your great service, always prompt, professional, & helpful. It’s great to know you folks are here to take care of my condo! Leads to peace of mind. Thanks much– “
6/26/16: Commercial service call:
“Dear Greg, I just wanted to personally thank you for all your help in fixing our hood system. At short notice, on a Saturday, you were the best. We will not forget this. We will work hard to be your very best customer – The gang at Zoey’s Deli” 🙂
 6/02/16: Commercial service call:
 “Greg, thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly – a job well done!”
 Mike & Heidi
12/17/15: Residential Service Call:
“Please note, Chris Witt [Nate-certified Master Technician] did an excellent job solving a complex problem”
10/15/15: Residential Geothermal renovation
 “I’m sure you know this, but you have some good guys working on my place. Thank you!”
 Chris J.
 8/03/15: Plumbing service call
 “Terrific service! Cant’ thank you enough, Cheers!”
 Sue W.
 “Just a quick note to say thank you for your service – Chris is excellent! Thank you,
 Ross Chevrolet Inc.
 9/10/14: residential Hyper Heat
 “What a great bunch of guys! Professional, fun, polite, and clean!! Thanks!!”
 JoAnn J.
 6/12/14: Residential Heat Pumps (Mitsubishi 24,000 btu ductless heat pump)
 “Thank you! Morgan & Jim did a great job!”
 Kathleen H.
 5/29/14: Residential Central A/C
” Thanks to all involved – The entire job was done with thoughtful professionalism – The system is working perfectly!”
 Roby H. III
7/17/13: Cooling!!
“Hi Greg,  We received your invoice.  We wanted to put in a good word for the kids who did the installation at our house.  They were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.  We were very happy with their work.
They even went out of their way to make sure the electrician got here while they were here so they could get the equipment going for us that day.”
Terry B.
4/10/11: Equinox Village Heat
“Greg, thanks for all the help with heat situation, glad to see two experienced people show up to do the job, we are very pleased to be able to provide some heat to the residents and look forward to be able to get the system back up to 100 percent, Kirby and Sean were great to work with and apparently know just what to do, again thanks and  hope to hear from you soon.”
Bob Sullivan, Equinox Village
“Greg- Your firm is outstanding. Chris is the best of all I have known. Great services.”
Thank you for a wonderful air unit. Your guys did a fantastic job. I really appreciate it.
“Thanks for quick and excellent service!”
Craig Powers
Thank you very much for a great job. The boys could not have been nicer!”
“To Staff at GSK Climate Control, Inc.
Thank you for your prompt service.”
Anthony and Jean C.
“Hello Greg,
I want to thank you and everyone from GSK for pulling it all together over the last week. Everyone has done an exemplary job and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. I could not ask for a better crew to work with.
Edward G.”